Combining high efficiency amplification with advanced DSP processing, the PMA (Programmable Modular Amplifier)  series of products introduces operational and performance refinements in a highly adaptable design.  Each PMA amplifier employs a common “digital mainframe” to which power modules of 200, 450, or 1000 watts can be mounted.  Flexible by design, each mainframe is populated with either two or four channels of amplification based on the system’s needs and specific loudspeaker or subwoofer application.  By allowing the mix of modules, the PMA amplifier provides efficient use of power, supplying the appropriate wattage level needed for each specific application (i.e. 1000 watt modules may be used to drive subwoofers, while 450 watt modules may be mixed with 200 watt units to bi-amplify the low-frequency and higher efficiency high-frequency drivers respectively).

As with all PRO products, high resolution digital signal processing (DSP) lays at the heart of the PMA design.  High resolution filtering allows PRO engineers to attain levels of technical accuracy orders of magnitude beyond previous designs.  When driven by the PMA, the output of each loudspeaker precisely mimics the input signal of its assigned channel, rendering performance tolerances previously only attainable at the pre-amp and power-amp level.  The resulting resolution of detail and musical accuracy set a new standard for lifelike portrayal of music and video soundtracks alike.

In addition to its modular design, the PMA provides an installer programmable platform from which any channel of the amplifier can be assigned a proprietary DSP filter matching any driver in a multi-way PRO loudspeaker system.  A mini-USB interface and customized Microsoft Windows utility make programming of a complete system quick and easy.  For greater flexibility, looping outputs allow multiple PMA chassis to be connected and share pre or post DSP processed signals.  This is especially useful for installations employing multiple side channel loudspeakers, or where sophisticated multi-subwoofer configurations are used to address room modes.

Built on proven Class-D technology from Bang & Olufsen, each PMA amplifier operates efficiently, providing generous power while producing little heat.  A balanced design, all connections are made via transformer isolated (optional) XLR inputs, minimizing ground-loop hum and buzz problems.  In addition, each amp employs world class A-D and D-A converters with native dynamic range of 123dB!

• PMA 3-View Drawing Rev B Made Before 8-2013 – PDF Format
• PMA 3-View Drawing Rev C Made After 8-2013 – DWG Format
• PMA 3-View Drawing Rev C Made After 8-2013 – PDF Format
• PMA Amplifier Range Full Specifications Rev B – PDF Format
• PMA Product Sheet – PDF Format