The DMA-1508 represents the very latest PRO Power and Advanced DSP technology and was developed to provide a low-cost solution for smaller cinema systems or residential/commercial distributed audio applications.

The DMA-1508 is powerful and small.

At only 1U high, the DMA-1508 can be user-configured to provide up to *one-thousand-five-hundred watts* of total power, yet weighs just *8 pounds*.   In its stock configuration, the 1508 provides 8 channels of power amplification and on-board DSP: 2 x 300W + 6 x 100W — an ideal combination for 5.2 surround systems where the 300W channels can be deployed to power dual subwoofers and the remaining 100W channels can power the front and surround channels, including bi-amplification of the critical center-channel speaker.

The DMA-1508 is flexible.

To make the DMA-1508 even more flexible, each of the 100W channel-pairs can be bridged together to create a single 300W channel.  Iterations all the way up to 5 x 300W can be configured using SoundTools™ Amplifier Configuration and System Optimization software. The gain of all channels, both bridged and unbridged is managed by the amplifier “brain” to match precisely those of PMA amplifier models so DMA may be used in concert with PMA models without the worry of mismatched levels: you just connect the speakers, program the amplifiers and go.

The DMA-1508 is advanced.

Like the PRO PMA series of amplifier/processors, the DMA-1508 offers advanced installer-programmable DSP features which make even the most advanced audio systems easy to deploy and optimize.  Speaker programming, room acoustic compensation filters, high and low pass filters, parametric EQ, gain and delay adjustments are available via PRO’s easy-to-use, SoundTools™ software package, included with every DMA-1508 amplifier.  Never before has system setup been so point-and-click easy.

The DMA-1508 is energy efficient and smart.

In addition to industry-standard 12VDC trigger standby-control, the DMA-1508 has a signal-sense circuit that allows the installer to set it up, turn it on and forget it; the amplifier will automatically “go to sleep” after 13 minutes with no audio input, then wake itself immediately upon sensing a signal on any one or more of its 8 analog audio inputs.  When in “sleep” mode, the DMA-1508 draws less than *one-half watt* of AC power.

Small, powerful, advanced and efficient: the DMA-1508 brings PRO Power and Advanced DSP to a new compact chassis at a similarly compact price.

• DMA-1508 3-View Drawing Rev C – PDF Format
• DMA-1508 3-View Drawing Rev C – DWG Format
• DMA-1508 Product Sheet – PDF Format